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Travertine Stone

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Travertine is a type of porous limestone that is one of the sedimentary and ornamental rocks. These rocks are remnants of sediments from hot springs. The cavities in this rock are the source of sedimentation due to the space occupied by gases in hot waters. The less water soluble elements of these sources, the brighter the color of the stone will be

Marble Stone

Manufacturer of marble stone

There is no scientifically known stone called marble, but in our country the term marble is equivalent to marble and even includes stones outside the definition of marble. Theoretically it is calcareous and metamorphic rock with a specific gravity more than limestone and composed of calcite crystals, dolomite marble, or both, which have monolithic or interconnected connective tissue and are among the soft rocks.

Chinese Stone

Chinese stone manufacturer

Crystalline or folk rock is a Chinese rock, a mass of calcareous or dolomitic rocks that have been recrystallized by intrinsic factors, such as temperature and pressure, and are therefore metamorphic rocks, in fact Chinese rocks. The marble is a family of rocks that vary in degree of metamorphism and in some chemical constituents. Chinese stone often has large crystals. These large crystals distinguish Chinese rock from sedimentary carbonate rocks

Antique Stone

Manufacturer of antique stone

Neg Antique is made up of broken pieces of travertine and marble fragments (scrap and waste products from sculpture factories) and makes various designs by mixing and pasting resin mortars. As mentioned, one of the methods of making antique stone is to use travertine waste. In order to do so, these lesions must have certain conditions and characteristics.

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